Yellow Pages Review
"Jon was awesome! I came home this afternoon after running some errands to find a swarm of bees in my laundry room. I got Jons number from the Sedgwick county website for bee removal. He was at my house within the hour. Discovered that the bees were entering through a crack between the siding and the brick and sealed it up. He even crawled into the crawl space and got all the bees out of there. We had thousands! Jon is a super nice guy and a very hard working man. He was willing to do whatever he had to do to make me feel safe in the house. I absolutely hate bees and wasps! I would definitely call him again if I needed to."

~ Lisa C. 06/06/2015


Phone: (316) 516-0408


Yellow Pages Review
"John was referred to me by Wichita's local Animal Control so i already knew that he was going to be good. He came the day i called him --in a terrential storm and had no qualms about crawling into my crawl space to find the possum. He also identified how the animal was entering my house and closed the space with cement so the animals could not enter my house again. He also took down a pretty ferocious wasp nest. I recommend this guy he is a hard worker."

~ Italgirl  08/15/2013

With 15+ years of nuisance control experience, our certified staff are willing to go anywhere in Kansas to assist our customers. We take pride in our live capture and release process through safe and humane extractions. Our captures are re-homed or rehabilitated. Our mission is to provide individuals, businesses, and communities with a positive alternative of wildlife preservation.  

Critter Gitters Pro is a professional nuisance control business based in Wichita, Kansas.